Retreat Team

Retreat Director


Tony, Meleah & MJ are heading up our retreat team as Retreat Co-Directors. They are our host & hostesses with the mostest! They tend to all the details that make the conference run smoothly and feel like a magical experience. They are coordinating all other team members, which is a big job. So if at all possible, please see one of the other specific coordinators first. However, if your issues aren't handled satisfactorily, please see one of them.

Registration Coordinators


Karen & Adrienne are a great team and will make sure that your registration needs are met. If you have any questions or concerns, please ask either of these two ladies. They have servants hearts and truly want to make your retreat as effortless as possible. They will also be handling all sales of books, t-shirts, smoothies and other materials and can answer your questions or lead you to the person who can. They are your go-to girls!

Administration Coordinator


Doug & Lisa head up our administration team. If you have any problems with your stay, have feedback on our processes or are interested in helping to continue to support our retreats, please speak with one of the two of them. If you see problems with our website, program or have comments about our administrative processes, they are able to assist and truly appreciate your concerns and care. 

Prayer Circle Coordinators


Ed & Donna are our prayer circle coordinators. Talking and listening to our Heavenly Father is vital in the life of a person of faith. Prayer is equally as important at an event like ours. We want to stay connected with His Spirit so that we can walk in tandem with Him. Even though we have a schedule, nothing is set in stone. If God leads, we will listen and follow. If you have special prayer needs, please speak with one of our coordinators. They would love to pray with you. Our prayer circle will be praying over speakers, worship team and every aspect of our retreat before, during and after. We have already begun praying for you! Please pray for us as we prepare. 

Worship Coordinators


Miranda, Jeremy & Kim head up our worship team. Miranda & Kim have been part of a worship team at their church for many years and have lead worship at many conferences and events. Miranda has even recorded music.  Jeremy helps to lead worship at his church and plays acoustic guitar. They are each uniquely gifted by God to lead others into the presence of our King Jesus. You will be blessed by their love for our Father, for each other and you. If you have special requests or issues with sound, please let one of them know, and they will do their best to help. We want your worship through music to be amazing at our retreat. Please let us know if we can do anything to make it a better experience for you. 

Photography & Promotion


Tony, Meleah & Adrienne are the coordinators of photography & promotion. Your privacy and confidentiality are very important to us! Photographs are only taken for retreat promotion and only with the permission of our guests. A photography waiver must be signed by you if pictures are taken of you by our team. When taking photos of speakers and other activities, background faces will be blurred so that they are completely unrecognizable. If other guests are taking personal pics, please let them know if you do not want to be included. If you have any concerns, please speak with Meleah or Adrienne. We want everyone to feel comfortable and at ease at the retreat and will do everything possible to assist.

Fixers Team


Mark, Rick and Erik head up our Fixers Team. This group of guys and gals can fix any problem! Mark is a Medical Responder. If we have any ER situations, please call him at (828) 551-0018, and he will take appropriate action. If there are other issues with parking, classrooms, or other meeting areas, they are able to help. 



We are in need of volunteers to serve with these coordinators. If you or your church would like to help, please email Meleah at